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Clarisonic Mia Fit! Get the perfect contour and the perfect cleanse with our holiday gift set

Travel friendly sonic cleansing meets sonic blending in this exclusive holiday set. The patented Clarisonic sonic oscillation technology works to gently cleanse away impurities that manual cleansing leaves behind. The result is smoother, softer and more radiant skin. The multi-functional compact Mia Fit device also works with the Sonic Foundation Brush, which effortlessly micro-blends liquid makeup for a flawless look in under 60 seconds.

Why we love it:

  • One Mia Fit, one Sonic Radiance Brush and one Sonic Foundation Brush
  • Cleanses 6X better than hands alone in just 60 seconds
  • With Sonic Foundation Brush, effortlessly apply liquid makeup in under a minute

Gift Set Includes:

  • Mia Fit Pink
  • Radiance Brush Head
  • USB Universal charger

Receive complimentary:

  • NEW Sonic Foundation Brush Head Valued $45


Clarisonic Cleansing by the Numbers

Cleansing is the essential first step in a healthy skin care ritual. The patented Clarisonic Sonic Cleansing Brush uses a sonic frequency of more than 300 movements per second to deeply cleanse the skin far more effectively, yet more gently, than traditional superficial cleansing or simple rotating brushes. The result is noticeably smoother, more radiant skin. 

Clarisonic Cleansing by the Numbers

  Full Studies
6X   Better cleansing than hands alone   94%   Report softer skin*
100%   Of women claim the regimen effectively removes impurities from the skin*   94%   Report more radiant, glowing skin*
100%   agree their skin feels deeply cleansed after use*        

* Self-assessment on 50 women after four weeks, using Mia Fit device with Radiance Brush Head and Skin Illuminating Cleanser


How to Use Your Mia Fit

Mia Fit Introduction

Mia Fit Real Reactions


How to Use Your Clarisonic Sonic Cleansing Brush

Prior to the first use, charge the Clarisonic handle for 24 hours.

  • Remove eye makeup by hand.
  • Apply cleanser directly to moistened skin or to a damp brush head.
  • Push the on/off button to turn on your cleansing brush.
  • Select desired speed.
  • Follow T-Timer prompts while gently moving the brush head in small circular motions. We recommend:
  1 20 seconds
on Forehead
  2 20 seconds
on Nose and Chin
  3 10 seconds
on one Cheek
  4 10 seconds
on other Cheek


NOTE: Keep the brush head flush to the skin. Pressing too hard will impede the motion and reduce effectiveness.



How to Replace Your Brush Head

For best results, replace your brush head every 3 months.

  • To remove the brush head:
    1. Grip the brush head firmly, then push and twist it counter-clockwise. 
    2. Pull the brush head away from the handle.
  • To attach the brush head:
    Push down and twist the head clockwise until it snaps into place.

Tip: Use the brush head cap to easily remove and attach the brush head with a simple twist.

Clarisonic makes a variety of interchangeable brush heads, uniquely designed and engineered for specific skin types or conditions. Visit our Brush Head Comparison Chart for more information.