4 Pack Brush Heads



4 Pack Brush Heads




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Buy 4 for the price of 3!

This limited edition brush head collection features 4 of our best-selling brush heads so that you can experience them all to create your own customised cleansing routine that’s perfect for your skin condition. As your environment changes, so does your skin. As you age, so does your skin. Our range of brush heads promise to have a solution for you at any stage in your skin life. One device can cleanse all skin types!

Why choose us?

Cleansing is the essential first step in a healthy skin care ritual. Our patented Clarisonic Sonic Cleansing devices use a sonic frequency which oscillates more than 300 times per second to deeply cleanse the skin far more effectively than silicone vibrating devices, spinning devices and your hands.

After using the Clarisonic, the results are noticeably smoother, more radiant skin. Our brush heads are made from Dupont Filment material which is non-porous so it does not harbour bacteria . Each brush head bristle is uniquely rounded on the end and specifically texturised to provide a gentle and comfortable cleanse. Our brush heads are compatible with all Clarisonic facial cleansing devices.


What’s in this pack?

Radiance Brush Head

Our latest and already most popular brush head, is engineered with extra fine bristles to deliver a luxurious and highly-effective cleansing experience. This unique and patented brush head helps to remove sebum and surface-level pigmentation to diminish the appearance of hyperpigmentation and dullness.

Luxe Cashmere Cleanse Brush Head:

Features a dynamic dual-layer design that gently massages facial skin — generating fluid forces to cleanse 6x better than hands alone while simultaneously increasing skin’s natural hydration levels. Compatible with all Clarisonic facial cleansing devices.

Sensitive Brush Head:

Ideal for most skin types, including sensitive and combination skin, the Clarisonic Sensitive Brush Head provides a gentle yet thorough cleanse. Compatible with all Clarisonic facial cleansing devices.

Deep Pore Brush Head:

Recommended for all skin types with enlarged pores, the Clarisonic Deep Pore Brush Head is engineered with graduated dual-action bristles to flush and dislodge oil and debris that clogs pores. Compatible with all Clarisonic facial cleansing devices.



Skincare routines: Try these skincare routines for your skin!

Radiance + Luxe Cashmere: Use your Radiance Brush Head in the morning to brighten and awaken your skin for a glowing result. By night use the Luxe Cashmere Brush Head to gently hydrate your skin while cleansing away the debris and pollution from a lifestyle on the go.

Mixing up your cleansing with Radiance for day and Luxe Cashmere for night gives you even smoother results!

Deep Pore + Sensitive: If your skin concerns are Oily, Combination

Use your Sensitive Brush Head in the morning to clarify and smooth your pores.

By night use the Deep Pore Brush Head to deeply cleanse away pollution and debris from your skin in just 60 seconds! Combining the Sensitive Brush Head for day and Deep Pore Brush Head for night gives you even better results!